Yippee Weebly!

As I am getting ready to write my final blog, I am thinking of all that I have accomplished in this class. I know, it does not seem like much, but I wrote a blog, created a Web Quest (meaning that I created a Web site) and I have ventured way out of my comfort zone! That made me realize that I have used a tool allowing me to create a Web site and that there are surely many ways I could use it in a class room. The name of the tool is Weebly. So, Weebly beware, for you are the subject of my current (and final) blog for Computer Applications in ESL Teaching 1.

Weebly is a Web site allowing you to build your own Web site. It is very easy to use. Case in point: I used it and I am still alive. As a barely computer literate individual I was able to use Weebly to create a Web Quest that has hyperlinks to Internet addresses, images and outside documents. I did need guidance (thank you Mark Miller), but I would say that Weebly is pretty easy to use. A problem I had with Weebly is that it becomes very slow and sometimes comes to a complete stop if a lot of people are working on it at the same time. That being said, the pros of Weebly in a classroom outweigh this problem.

As I wrote earlier, I found Weebly to be fairly easy to use, but how would I use it in a classroom environment? The first ideas that come to my mind are managing my students profiles (grades and papers), receiving their assignments on line, getting in contact with my students and their parents and creating a Web site. I could also use the Web site I created to post materials and exercises on line. Since it is possible to have all sorts of files on Weebly, I could add the You Tube videos that I found relevant to my class and post them all in one place. Even better, they would be there for my students to see and read whenever they need to.

By creating a website through which students, parents and teacher can cooperate, Weebly allows me to teach my students to blog, in English and in an ethical and responsible way. Yes people, Weebly offers its users the possibility of posting blogs. I also realized that weebly allows me to help my students organize since I can provide them with resources and a schedule of the upcoming classes and assignments.

There are many other ways I could use Weebly in a class room, all I did here is give you an idea of what are the possibilities of this tool. However, just like any tool, Weebly is only as good as I can make it to be. It is worth mentioning that Weebly is user friendly, free and easily available… The question is: why am I not using it? Or put it another way: What am I waiting for? Graduation folks. Graduation.


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